Junior Youth Gatherings

Jumior Youth Gatherings

Jumior Youth Gatherings

Junior Youth gathering locations are: Riverdale, Delton, Hillview, Erminskin and Southridge.
[ To find a junior youth group near you please contact us. ]

The age of 11-14 is a critical time in the development of young people. It is during this time that they begin to think about their place in the world and to make decisions and develop patterns of behavior they will likely carry with them for the rest of their lives. Baha’is recognize this critical stage and see young people of this age as potentially powerful sources of inspired action in their communities. Towards the realization of this goal, junior youth gatherings use cultural stories, discussion and age appropriate activities to help them develop their powers of expression, develop their leadership capacities and learn to focus attention to service of humanity and contribute to solving the problems of their communities. These groups are lead by qualified youth leaders who are themselves inspiring and high minded young people who dedicate themselves to three consecutive years of encouragement and support of junior youth.