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The community takes an active interest in the development of children and youth, centering attention and energy on their development and capacity to do great and noble deeds. A youth-development centered society sees youth as an essential force in building a new world order and positions them to be equipped with strength of character, ideals and practical skills to...
Parents educate and nurture children to love God, to develop virtue and to learn every useful art and science, cultivate their talents and learn to have an attitude of service and obedience to God. Children love and respect their parents. Parents under no circumstances abuse or oppress children.
In the Baha’i teachings, extremes of wealth and poverty are avoided so that none live in misery and none in excessive wealth. This ideal is not legislated, the elimination of extremes arises voluntarily out of a desire for justice and equality, and freedom from greed. According to ‘Abdu’l-Baha, employers are to make business decisions
Individuals and society have a new foundation for cooperation within the Baha’i teachings. There are mechanisms that encourage and hear individual expression in diverse forms, yet with unity of purpose and desire to work towards common goals. This means people learn to speak with each other using both honesty and love, with both freedom and kindness and to be...