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In the Baha’i teachings, extremes of wealth and poverty are avoided so that none live in misery and none in excessive wealth. This ideal is not legislated, the elimination of extremes arises voluntarily out of a desire for justice and equality, and freedom from greed. According to ‘Abdu’l-Baha, employers are to make business decisions
Individuals and society have a new foundation for cooperation within the Baha’i teachings. There are mechanisms that encourage and hear individual expression in diverse forms, yet with unity of purpose and desire to work towards common goals. This means people learn to speak with each other using both honesty and love, with both freedom and kindness and to be...
Baha’is believe that we are responsible for the beautiful gift of the planet on which we live and that we must care for it and treat plants, animals, the air, water and earth as signs of God’s greatness and grace towards us.
In the Baha’i Faith we are encouraged to associate with all peoples, religions and social classes and to become close friends with people who are not like us so we can actively promote the oneness of humanity. Interracial marriage is strongly encouraged and celebrated.