Becoming a Baha’i

All are welcome to join in every aspect of Baha’i life. There is no ceremony, no special process to undergo. It simply means believing in Baha’u’llah and trying to follow his teachings.

For some, this takes a lifetime, while for others, their recognition of the truth of the Baha’i teachings happens instantaneously. There is no prescribed duration, no typical timeline, no right or wrong pathway. Everyone walks their own spiritual road and makes their own decision.
You can register yourself as a Baha’i by filling out a small form, sometimes referred to as a Declaration Card. This assists in the administration of Baha’i community affairs.
When you sign a Baha’i declaration card, you’ll be joyfully welcomed into a local Baha’i community, and become part of the worldwide Baha’i community, as well. But that powerful moment of recognition, when you decide to be a Baha’i, happens first in your heart.
Making the decision to recognize God’s Messenger, can bring you great peace, joy and freedom. When you become a Baha’i, you join millions of Baha’u’llah’s followers around the globe. You enter a beautiful garden of kindred souls that includes every color, ethnicity, class and nationality. And you take a step on an eternal journey of growth, of service and of learning.

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