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April 6 Community Announcements


The Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Edmonton
6 April 2012
Community Announcements:

Meeting with Counselor Dan Scott – April 8, 7:30 p.m. Edmonton Baha’i Centre

Riverdale sector meeting with Counselor Dan Scott – April 8, 7: 30 Mary Pat Gibson’s home, #19 Sundance Housing Coop

National Convention – Montreal, April 26-29, 2012
The National Spiritual Assembly has ask that we remind the friends that the deadline for booking a hotel room at the special rate at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth for the National Convention is April 12th. Information on how to contact the hotel to make reservations is available on the National Convention website at Friends who are planning to attend the Convention but have not yet registered should do so as soon as possible by completing a registration form on the website.
Persian Deepening – April 14, 2012
The next deepening in Persian will be held on Saturday, April 14th at the Bahá’í Centre. The gathering will start with potluck supper at 6:00pm followed by deepening at 7:30pm.
Education Under Fire Video Presentation – Friday, April 13, 2012. This video is part of a project begun in the United States and co-sponsored by Amnesty International, (see The project centres on a 30-minute film by an acclaimed non-Baha’i film-maker, Jeff Kaufman, that powerfully explains the Iranian regime’s continued attempts to shut down the BIHE through a wave of raids and arrests over the past months. The film is screened in conjunction with meetings and public conversations that have awakened concern and protest among academic leaders in some of America’s most well-known universities. An open letter to the international academic community written by Nobel Peace Prize laureates Jose Ramos-Horta, President of East Timor, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a central feature and serves as a powerful encouragement to members of the academic community and the public to fill out an online form and join these Nobel laureates in demanding freedom of religion and rights to education for all Iranians. There will be a screening of the Education Under Fire video followed by a discussion starting at 7:30pm on Friday, April 13, 2012 at the Bahá’í Centre. We encourage everyone to come and to bring your friends and contacts.
Ridvan Election and Annual Meeting, April 21, 2012, 10AM
The Annual General Meeting and election of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Edmonton will be held on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. at the Bahá’í Centre (9414 – 111 Ave). The ballot boxes will be closed at 10:30. There will be an annual report from the Assembly its committees. This event is for Bahá’ís only.
A lunch will be arranged.
The Assembly would dearly love to see an increase in the participation in the Ridvan election. Let us not only encourage but also remind each other of the importance of this divinely ordained duty.

First Day of Ridvan Holy Day – April 21, 2012, 3:00pm
The Holy Day Celebration for the First Day of Ridvan will be held at the Bahá’í Centre on Saturday, April 21st beginning at 3:00pm. This event is open to the public. Please invite your family, friends and contacts to join us in the celebration of the King of Festivals!
36th Annual ABS Conference August 9-12, 2012, Montreal, Quebec, Canada The Vision of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá for North America Theme Statement When ‘Abdu’l-Bahá visited North America in 1912, he encountered two countries burgeoning with self-confidence, rapidly industrialising and urbanising, expanding with a combination of missionary zeal and modernist rationalism into the western interior, and beginning to find their way in the world of international affairs. Their combined population was just over 100 million, and vast territories were within one or two generations of treaty negotiations and the setting of formal political boundaries. Both nation-states were rushing down what seemed like an unstoppable path of progress, inspired by Europe’s century and a half of intellectual and material gain. Yet prevailing social theories and accompanying laws left well over half the population without a vote; restricted work, immigration and settlement by race and national identity; and permitted punishing working hours and cripplingly low wages. In the world outside North America and Western Europe, most people lived directly or indirectly under colonial rule and imperial exploitation, and the emerging community of nation-states was two years away from a conflict of unimaginable scale and impact. Into this tumultuous mix of confidence and disruptive change, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá arrived with the message of Bahá’u’lláh, re-orienting the minds of all he encountered by both his words and his deeds, and grounding the young Bahá’í community in the broader implications of their faith. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s vision of human nature, his explications of material and spiritual reality, of human history and human potential, of the true nature of progress, of the role of religion in society, of the unity between east and west and of all the races and nations, of the prerequisites to peace, and of the requirements for just government addressed the burning questions of the age but challenged their assumptions. In light of the inherent connection between spirit and practice, the conference will explore both the vision of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá and the manner in which he conveyed it.

Call for Presentations Proposals are invited for presentations on (but not limited to) the above themes, as well as themes pertaining to creative processes and concepts within the performing arts, visual arts, and other modes of artistic expression. Presentations must explore an original question or proposition through a clearly described method or approach. Proposals must outline the presentation in detail and provide sufficient background on the topic and on the presenter’s qualifications for the review panel to assess the value of the contribution. A broad range of qualifications is recognized, beyond purely academic and/or professional. Proposals must be for substantially original work, unpublished and not previously presented. While many presentations are in the style of talks, the use of the arts and other diverse approaches is also encouraged. Presentations should be seen as a collaborative process, where the speaker engages conference participants in discussion on new work, which further advances that work. Papers will be considered for publication in The Journal of Bahá’í Studies. Proposals are especially welcome from youth and first-time ABS presenters. Guidelines for submissions are available on the ABS website, and you can also contact the ABS if you would like further assistance with preparing a proposal.

In keeping with the Association’s desire to emphasize scholarly exchanges and partnerships, special importance is being placed on interaction and collaboration among people working in similar or diverse but potentially overlapping fields. Therefore, there will be new opportunities to collaborate in presentations in addition to panel proposals from existing groups. Those submitting proposals will be asked to choose either:  a stand-alone presentation by a single or multiple presenters, scheduled for 60 minutes including time for discussion;  a panel presentation of two or more people who would collaborate from the outset, offering different perspectives on a common theme;  an individual submission with a special request to be placed (if possible) in a collaborative panel with presenters on related themes, for later discussion and interaction. Whether arranged from the outset by the collaborators or facilitated by the conference organizers, panel presentations will be scheduled for between 90 to 120 minutes, depending on number of participants and scheduling constraints. Panelists must be prepared for strict time-keeping to ensure that at least one third of the scheduled time is preserved for discussion. They must also be prepared to engage in discussion with their fellow panellists. Where possible, they should get to know each other and each other’s work in advance. Proposals must be submitted on-line (go to Potential presenters unable to submit on-line may contact the address below for further information on alternate means of submission. The deadline for submitting proposals is 15 April 2012. Association for Bahá’í Studies 34 Copernicus St., Ottawa, ON Canada K1N 7K4 Tel.: (613) 233-1903; fax: (613) 233-3644 or email:

There is an ongoing need at the Baha’i World Centre for individuals who possess the relevant training and experience to fill the following positions:
Vacancies for youth to commence service at the Baha’i World Centre during the period November 2012 to April 2013.
Offers of Service must be received at the World Centre by 15 June 2012 to be considered to commence service within the above time period.
– Security Guards
– Gardeners
– Kitchen Helpers
– Mail Processors
– Cleaning Maintenance Helpers
– Customer Service Assistants
The information required for processing offers is as follows:
– Completed Biographical Information Form
– Confidential Health History Form
Decisions regarding offers for the specified period will be conveyed by 1 September 2012.
We will continue to accept and process late offers of service, however, we cannot guarantee that positions will be available. We urge you to begin planning for World Centre service early and to submit your offers by the deadline.
If you would like to find out how to offer service, visit the Offering to Serve website or contact the Office of Personnel via email

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